love actually airport scene
May 27, 2021

Seven Iconic Airport Scenes

LA Nights opened last week at Backyard Cinema, complete with a first class flight to California’s sunny shores, and our very own luxury airport lounge. Get in the mood for your first flight of the summer with these seven iconic airport scenes. 

Love Actually

Kicking off with a classic. Love Actually’s heartwarming airport scenes bookend the film, with clips of couples, families and friends embracing each other at Arrivals. Disclaimer: impossible to watch without hugging the person next to you. 

Home Alone 2

We’ve all been there, like the McCallisters, charging through an airport to catch a flight. One of the more chaotic airport scenes sees eight-year-old Kevin lose his family in the crowds, and left all alone. Again. 

love actually airport scene


Ok, not technically an airport, but we couldn’t write this round-up without a nod to Kristen Wiig’s ICONIC aeroplane meltdown. Plied with beta blockers and booze, Annie storms the first class cabin and gives the comedic performance of a lifetime. The only thing left to say? …Ready to PARTAY!

Bridesmaid plane scene


A discombobulating  airport fight scene between The Protagonist (John David Washington) in real time and an inverted Protagonist, moving in reverse. Genius and befuddling in equal measure. We’d expect nothing less from Christopher Nolan. 

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig plays textbook Bond on an airport runway. Defusing a bomb, fighting off a terrorist, and looking effortlessly cool all at once. Bravo, Daniel. 

tenet airport fight scene

Catch Me If you Can

Master con artist Frank Abaganale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) disguised as a pilot, surrounded by a glamorous forcefield of Air Hostesses, strolls through Miami International Airport straight past the unknowing FBI agents. Classy DiCaprio does it again. 

When Harry Met Sally

The airport scene that sees Harry and Sally bump into each other for the first time since college. Harry pursues Sally with a speech about friendship between men and women, but she shrugs him off. The only love story to start on a moving walkway, probably. 

catch me if you can airport scene

Create your own memorable airport moment at Backyard Airlines’ first class lounge. You can buy your tickets to LA Nights here. See you at Departures. 


*Images copyright of Working Title Films, Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures  and  Warner Bros. Pictures (in order of appearance.

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