February 8, 2021

Films to get you through Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

Date Night, or Mate Night, film choice after 5734889 days of Lockdown can feel like the most debated subject of the week. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of films to watch this Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day. We’ve got everything from romance and tear jerkers, to films if you’d like nothing more than to ignore Valentine’s Day completely.

Films to watch if you want a romantic Date Night:

Films to watch if you want a romantic Date Night:


A heart-warming performance from Saoirse Ronan, who plays an Irish immigrant learning to live in Brooklyn in the 1950s… with you guessed it, a fantastic transatlantic love triangle. 


When Harry Met Sally

You can’t skip past the classic. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan seem determined to prove that men and women can’t “just be friends”. We all know how that ends, but can we talk about that diner scene… 


The Big Sick 

This one’s going to require a hanky and we aren’t even at the “cathartic cry” section yet. Budding comedian Kumail and grad-student Emily fall in love but struggle with their relationship due to culture clashes. Throw in a fast moving illness and medically induced coma, and you are going on a big old ride of the feels. 

Brooklyn movie still

Films to watch if you need a cathartic cry:

Films to watch if you need a cathartic cry:

Inside Out 

Pixar and Disney are getting far too good at getting us to turn on the water works. Inside Out is a brilliant kid friendly depiction of mental health as Riley’s core emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger embark on an epic journey to keep her happy and safe. 


The Notebook

“I wrote you everyday for a year”. We’re welling up even thinking about it. The epic love story of Noah and Allie always provides a good tear duct release. 


Call Me By Your Name

It’s Italy in the 1980’s, and the love story of Elio and Oliver is full of uncertain desire. With an Oscar nominated performance from Timothée Chalamet, this one will take you right back to your own 17 year old heartbreak.

You can catch Call Me By Your Name with a Mai Tai in hand at Miami Beach this Spring:

Inside Out movie still

Films to watch with Gal Pals:

Films to watch with Gal Pals:

Someone Great 

Music journalist Jenny works through a painful break up by having the ultimate day out with her best girl friends. You’ll laugh, cry and want to have a good old dance. As you’d expect Someone Great has the GREATEST soundtrack from Lizzo, Lorde and Jessie Reyez to Lil’ Kim, this is one to celebrate the ladies. 



Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler’s quintessential tribute to gal pals. Although they come from completely different backgrounds, CC and Hilary rely on their childhood friendship to get them through the years. 

What could be better than watching Beaches, on the beach? Catch it on the big screen at Miami Beach: 

Someone Great movie still

Ocean’s 8 

The most glamorous jewellery heist, staged at the Met Ball. With an amazing cast of women; Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Helen Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway. Let’s hear it for these talented ladies. 

Rom Coms to watch if you need a good laugh:

Rom Coms to watch if you need a good laugh:

Girl’s Trip 

Get your laugh on as Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish head out on the ultimate Girl’s Trip to New Orleans. Sisterhood and debauchery, what more do you need? 



No-one makes us laugh like Amy Schumer, especially when she’s playing a journalist who truly believes monogamy has no point, but might just have found the one… 


In A World 

Winner of Best Screenplay at Sundance, this screwball comedy sees voice coach Carol pursue her dream of being a voice-over artist in a male dominated industry, which includes her father the “King of voice-overs”. Talk about family tension.

Girl's Trip movie still

Films that will give you the warm and fuzzies:

Films that will give you the warm and fuzzies:

Instant Family 

Want that warm, full heart feeling? If Marky Mark and Rose Byrne adopting 3 “lively” foster kids won’t give it to you, I don’t know what will. 


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 

Another oldie but a goodie; flying cars, magical lands and some truly scrumptious singing provide a couple of wonderful hours escape. 


Julie & Julia 

We can never get sick of a good Meryl Streep accent, and in this case her declarations of “Beeeef Bourguignon”. The life of the great Julia Child unfolds as food blogger Julie Powell attempts to cook her entire book. We recommend snacks on hand for this one… lots of snacks.

Instant Family movie still

Films to watch if you don’t want anything to do with Valentine’s Day at all:

Films to watch if you don’t want anything to do with Valentine’s Day at all:

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 

What’s the opposite of a soppy Valentine’s Day film? A classic Tarantino gore fest. You won’t be thinking love hearts and puppies after Uma Thurman takes her revenge. 



If you haven’t already watched Bong Jong Ho’s award-winning black comedy thriller, now would be a great time. But be prepared to feel disturbed the whole way through. 


Avengers End Game 

Marvel is a reliable go to at any point. But jumping in after the most destructive thumb-click in all of history is great for some V-day distraction. Plus you’ve got all of the Avengers to drool over.


Let us know if you have any great Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day suggestions or tag us in your home cinema set up over on on Instagram.

Kill Bill movie still

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