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April 30, 2021

Complimentary Summer Screenings for NHS staff



We speak for all of us here when we say that, the pandemic would have simply been unmanageable without the unrelenting dedication of you, the NHS workers. As things start to calm down a little and we all adjust to a ‘new normal’ it’s easy to forget quite how scary those first few months were, as the lockdown kicked in.

Many of us had the luxury to (although a bit terrified) get home, get safe, close the doors and wait it out. It was you the NHS workers who made sure we survived the worst. It was you who dealt with the overwhelming number of covid cases, putting yourselves at risk to care for us. It was you who stepped up, despite the lack of resources and information and treated this new virus. With no end in sight it really was a beautiful thing to see you the NHS staff, keeping us safe, showing us just how vital the NHS is to the uk.

All of this you already know, and we would be doing an injustice trying to tell you, quite how hard it has been. So, let us just say again thank you and hopefully this small token of our appreciation will go towards a well deserved night off. You’ve earned it!

Dominic, James, Charlotte and the whole BYC Team.

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Complimentary Screenings 

Be one of the first to celebrate the launch of LA Nights & Miami Beach! If you work for the NHS you are eligible to be entered into a ballot for a chance to win a pair of tickets to our exclusive launch screenings.

Tuesday 25 May 16:00 – The Greatest Showman at LA Nights

Tuesday 25 May 20:00 – Dirty Dancing at LA Nights

Tuesday 25 May 16:30 – Mamma Mia! at Miami Beach

Tuesday 25 May 20:30 – Wonder Woman 1984 at Miami Beach

All you need to do is fill out your details here and don’t worry, your guest does not need to be an NHS worker to qualify to come with you.

We can’t wait to see you in the cinema soon!


*Images were taken pre-COVID-19 and/or following socially distanced restrictions

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